From the Road

London is conveniently en-route to many destinations and there is nothing better than breaking your journey to Africa, Asia, or even other parts of Europe, with a fun-filled stop in what is arguably the most exciting – and eccentric – city in the world.  A slew of new hotels, and several iconic establishments, bring new […]

Just an hour and half flight from Lima, Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca with its 400,000 residents, sits at 10,900 feet above sea level in glorious winter sunshine and surrounded by the Andes. Feeling a little breathless on arrival, we are immediately tempted with a cup of tea made from cocoa leaves, the […]

Thimpu – Capital of Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan At airport in Bangkok before dawn and recovered from sleep fuddled text message which read “Welcome to Afghanistan” – momentary panic and then realized I had left my cell phone on during flight from Zurich and must have picked up signal somewhere over the Khyber Pass. Line-up […]

Phuket – Thailand First stop for some much need beach time and fantastic Thai food. Phuket in southern Thailand – giant island lined with beaches and covered in lush tropical mountains. Motorcycles everywhere and tuk-tuks – mini taxis crammed with people. We venture out to Koh Yao Noi and Six Senses Resort – an island […]

First stop Bogota, at 8,500 feet in the cradle of the Andes, where we stop on a quiet Sunday and decide to go into the city for lunch. In a long security lineup we meet a fellow Canadian who is also up for some lunch and we whisk into town in the tiniest, rickety cab. […]

Amsterdam to Lusaka – No stops required Arrive late in night on inaugural KLM direct flight from Amsterdam to Lusaka. Runway is awash with dignitaries and dancing tribesmen. Surprisingly quiet town of 3 million with much construction and several South African style malls, suburban cafes with good wifi and excellent coffee. You can do most […]

Marrakech Marrakech, she of snake charmers, monkeys on ropes, mountains of figs and apricots, belly dancers and souks … all as imagined – narrow, colourful laneways, acres of slippers, impossible to know where you are or where you are going, alleyways full of motorcycles, bicycles, donkeys and greetings from every shop front. Smoke, dust and […]

Up and out with our ranger to great herds of topi, impala, buffalo and ostrich mating dances. We go to small village of Nata; I venture into the centre of the local market; piles of dry fish from Lake Victoria, massive papayas, dried casava and cones of red millet for sale. Music is blaring and […]

Follow me over the next few weeks on my adventure through Uganda and Rwanda – enjoy the ride!