What is the typical trip costs?

Custom, bespoke trips do cost money, but it all depends on what you want to do, where you want to stay and the length of the holiday. All of our trips are customized from the ground up – we don’t use any cookie-cutter, pre-packaged trips. Typically, our trips cost $400 to over $1500 per person per day – sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more. We promise to get you the best prices available based on our long-established relationships with hotel owners, tour operators and other local travel specialists across the globe

Do you provide a price breakdown?

At Askari Travel we do not provide an itemized breakdown for all of the individual costs of the trip. We work with many ground operators in different countries and the final trip cost is comprised of numerous components including accounting for exchange rates, fuel surcharges, taxes, park fees, guide costs, lodge and hotel costs, etc. All of these go toward a final packaged price which we present to you. We always fully disclose everything that is included and excluded from the package price along with that single trip cost. That said, we are happy to explain specific costs of the trip and can easily suggest where and how we can edit the trip to meet certain budgets.

Should we get cancellation insurance?

We strongly recommend that you purchase trip cancellation and interruption insurance. Though you are more than welcome to purchase your own travel insurance, we work closely with Travelsafe and always send a link for easy insurance quotes. Should you choose not to take cancellation insurance, we will require confirmation in writing.

Will Askari Travel cancel my trip?

For safety purposes Askari Travel retains the right to make changes to your trip and/or may cancel your trip in particular circumstances. If your safety or the quality of the trip is deemed to be compromised in any way we shall act accordingly and inform you of our intentions. Should this happen, we will refund what you have paid us, but we cannot be held responsible for losses you may incur with third parties, such as airlines or hotels you may have booked yourselves.

Can I make changes to my trip itinerary?

Travellers are allowed to make minor changes to the itinerary within reason and with sufficient advance notice. We will try our best to accommodate your requests. However, major changes (such as destination, country or region, or the choice of destination and hotels) will incur additional planning fees and/or non-refundable deposit payments in addition to the amount initially quoted. These change fees are charged based on the scope of each change; for example, a change to a hotel line-up will vary from $150 – $250.

How do we deal with currency fluctuations?

  • We will quote you in the local currency of the country that you are visiting or in USD$ which is common currency for travel in Africa, South America and parts of Asia.  
  • If we invoice you in USD we expect payment in USD$ – by credit card, wire or cheque.
  • If we invoice you in a local currency i.e. Moroccan Dhirhams or Swedish Krona, then on the date payment is due we will do an official conversion to either USD$ or CDN$ – which you can pay by credit card, wire or personal cheque.  

What about my International flights to my destination?

We are expert travel planners but do not book air.  However, we have a wonderful relationship with Flight Centre and we are more than happy to forward their contact to assist in booking international air, car rental and train tickets.  Note: Any “small” flights required to hold together your itinerary will be included in the overall cost of the itinerary we present to you.

How can I help to make this a great trip?

Askari Travel is committed to making your trip as rewarding and fun as possible but we require your help as well. We ask that you respond to our questions in a timely manner so as not to delay the planning process and to give us your most honest and constructive feedback and ideas. This will help us immensely.

What will Askari Travel do to make this a great trip?

Askari Travel recognizes the faith and trust you put in us to plan your travel. We do our utmost to create and deliver the perfect trip for you. Our aim is to provide you with outstanding personalized service. We will respond to messages promptly and will keep you informed as your itinerary evolves. If at any time you have questions or concerns we ask that you let us know immediately so we can address them.