“Working with us on a complex itinerary for Laos and Vietnam, Muriel demonstrated a genuine understanding of our objectives, and the particular details that would work for our family. ” KK, 2009, New York

From Colonial Hanoi to the bustling streets and markets of Saigon. Visit the old Imperial Capital of Hue and walk the stone walkways of her Forbidden City, work yourself into a tailoring frenzy in Hoi An’s ancient town, or sit at a café and contemplate ancient traders at the riverside. Walk Danang’s China Beach and visit the ancient sites of the Champa kingdom. Hike the hillsides or try a round of golf on the last emperors golf course in the cultural highlands of Dalat. Follow one of Asia’s great rivers as you meander the waterways of the Mekong Delta. Boat by floating market’s and follow the Mekong upstream and into Cambodia.

The ancient dawn ritual of saffron robed monks walking for alms in Luang Prabang, pagodas with shimmering rooftops and French colonial villas overlook the placid waters of the Mekong River.




India – the mother of them all – ancient rhythms of a deeply spiritual and paradoxical land. Varanasi and daily rituals on the Ganges, the splendour of Rajasthan with it’s palaces and pink cities, Pushkar’s annual camel fair, retreat to the sanctity of Himalayan hill country or the backwaters of Kerala and tea estates of West Bengal.



Siem Reap and the ancient Khmer Temples of Angkor. Experience dawn at a jungle temple, parakeets awake in the canopy overhead, sun catches the celestial dancers and the stones come to life. Apsara’s, garuda’s and mythical tales of great battles between demons and gods. The stones of Angkor reveal their secrets. Read more about Temples and & Beaches of Cambodia & Thailand on my Travel Blog and my Facebook page.


Experience stillness in the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon. A timeless land where Gross National Happiness is an official government policy. Bhutan, isolated completely until the 1960’s is still restricted to only a few thousand visitors a year. Hike the last Himalayan kingdom amid monasteries, Buddhist monks and prayer flags on mountain ridges. Read more about my Adventures in Bhutan on my Travel Blog and my Facebook page.


New Zealand
Keen to escape the winter? Bored with hitting the same links for every game? Treat yourself to some of the most amazing course views at Kauri Cliffs and Cape Kidnappers, both of which happen to be among the world’s premier courses. When you’re not swinging your clubs enjoy everything else New Zealand has to offer—spectacular scenery, wonderfullodges, glaciers, mountains, rainforests, outstanding wines and some of the best fly fishing in the world. Oh yes, and let us introduce you to a “kiwi”, both the friendly 2 legged variety and the rare flightless one.


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