How It Works

The Trip Planning Services provided come from years of research and experience in the travel industry

Askari Travel is happy to share the very best advice and provide consultation to enable you to have outstanding travel experiences but it is important that there is a clear understanding of these services prior to commencement of a traveller / trip planner relationship.

To that end we have created some guidelines so all parties fully understand how this relationship will work and the Terms & Conditions thereof. Here is a snapshot of these terms. For more details, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Our first conversation We have an initial discussion about your trip and determine exactly what sort of experience you are after. We will send you a “Pre Planning Questionnaire” which will enable us to create your trip. We carefully consider your trip criteria and then send you our thoughts, ideas and suggestions to start the planning process.

Itinerary Upon review of our suggestions, and further discussion, we jointly come to an agreement on the itinerary. You then decide to have us go ahead with planning your trip and booking and confirming all the components and accommodations. At this point we will request a Trip Engagement Fee.

What is the trip engagement fee? This fee covers our costs – building a custom trip to suit just you takes time and effort. This fee also confirms our commitment to you – and your commitment to us to work together in crafting the very best possible travel experience.

Price Breakdown We do not provide an itemized breakdown for all of the individual costs of the trip. We work with many ground operators in different countries and the final trip cost is comprised of numerous components including accounting for exchange rates, fuel surcharges, taxes, commissions and other costs.  All of these go toward a final packaged price which we present to you. We always fully disclose everything that is included and excluded from the package price along with that single trip cost. We are of course happy to answer any questions along the way on the cost of major components of your trip such as boat charter costs and hotel room costs but we do not breakdown the packaged price item by item.

Trip Costs Typically our trips cost $400 to over $1500 per person per day depending on choice of accommodations, mode of travel and cost of events, guides and other specialized services. We are able to get you the best prices available because of our long established relationships with hotel owners, tour operators and other local travel specialists across the globe.

Your responsibilities Askari Travel is committed to making your trip as rewarding and fun as possible but we require your help to do so. We ask that you respond to our questions in a timely manner so as not to delay the planning process and to give us your most honest and constructive feedback and ideas.

Askari Travel recognizes the faith and trust you put in us to plan your travel. We will do our utmost to create and deliver the perfect trip for you. Our aim is to provide you with outstanding personalized service. We will respond to your messages promptly and will keep you informed as your itinerary evolves. If at any time you have questions or concerns we ask that you let us know immediately so we can address them.