The Trip Planning Services provided by Askari Travel comes from years of research and experience in the travel industry. Askari Travel is happy to share the very best advice and provide consultation to ensure that you not only have an outstanding travel experiences but that is customized exactly to your needs and wishes.

Why work with Askari Travel?
When you work with us, you’re benefitting from years of knowledge and research into destinations around the world.
We have met with the hoteliers, know the owners, walked the paths, experienced the adventures, we know the guides and we work with local people on the ground who keep us up to date on any changes.
It doesn’t cost you more to book with us … in fact, we can often provide extra benefits such as breakfast included; upgrade upon arrival or a free massage after a long flight.
Most importantly, we save you time. We know that your most important resource is time – and ours is deep knowledge of the regions our clients are interested in. You do not have to troll the internet hoping to find the right lodge or hotel for your trip. We use our time to travel to the destinations, inspect the hotels and do all the ground work so when you call we can cut to the chase and give you clear, first-hand information.

Planning your trip

Our first Conversation
We have an initial discussion to determine where you want to go, what you’d like to see and do and who will be travelling. Sometimes, you may know exactly where you want to go but sometimes you need some guidance based on the type of trip you wish to experience. No worries, we are happy to bounce ideas and offer suggestions!
It is helpful for us to have a clear understanding of the following:
> When do you want to travel?
> How long do you want to be away?
> What is your estimated budget
> Who is travelling with you?
> Where do you want to go and what type of activities do you like to do?
> Do you have any special interests?

Building the trip
We carefully consider your trip criteria and once we have confirmed that you would like us to build a trip for you (with hotels & activity suggestions included), we will complete this step by gathering some personal information and collecting a non-refundable Trip Engagement Fee.

What is the Trip Engagement Fee?
This fee confirms our commitment to you in using all of our resources to build the best possible trip for you, leveraging our strong relationships in each country and years of research. The Trip Engagement Fees are per family or couple, not per person and it is non-refundable. There are two types:

Trip Engagement Fee #1 – $350.00 per trip. This is the fee charged when an itinerary is short and less complicated. Trips of this nature may only require one or two hotel bookings, an air ticket and a transfer or two such as you might experience in the Caribbean or Paris.

Trip Engagement Fee #2 – $500.00 per trip. This fee is charged when a trip is more complex with multiple stops – requiring a detailed, written itinerary – as you might encounter in Africa, Asia, South America or some European destinations. It often involves several hotel or lodge stops, private guides, transfers, activities, charter flights, etc.

Finalizing your trip
After receipt of your Trip Engagement Fee, you will be assigned a trip planner, your partner in creating the best possible trip for you. With her, you will finalize the details such as activities, guided options and one-of-a-kind experiences.
Although this trip planner is dedicated to your trip do note that we collaborate within the office and your trip planner will consult with Muriel or the rest of the staff as well to utilize Askari Travel’s collective intellectual capital.
Once everyone is happy with the itinerary, we will send you a deposit invoice and will send you a confirmation package with all of the necessary trip documents.

Confirmation Package
> Final, detailed written itinerary
> Invoice – showing full price and inclusions, any payments that may have been made and a balance owing with the due dates for future payments
> Hotel Contact Details
> Traveler Information Form with request for personal information such as dates of birth, passports, etc.
> An Acknowledgement of Risk, Release and Indemnity
> E-tickets – if we have booked these tickets for you
> A quote for travel insurance should that be necessary
> If applicable, a book to enjoy

Final Payment
Balance of payment is normally due at 60 days prior to the trip start date, unless otherwise agreed at the time of Deposit Payment.

For Trips in Canada there is an HST tax which is applies and varies by province. In some circumstances, such as a yacht or plane charter, a larger non-refundable deposit may be required.

Payment details
Payment can be made by credit card, personal cheque or wire transfer to Askari Travel. Full payment details are provided at the back of every invoice and / or itinerary.